By The Rapids Riverside Community

By The Rapids Riverside Community

The Rapids Riverside Community is listed by realtor Considered as one of the most preferred communities it is superbly situated near the riverside. By The Rapids homes are highly sought after among families due to its proximity to quality schools, security, and walk ability feature.

In addition, it breathes a laid back, relaxing ambiance to the delight of family members residing in the area.

It is much desired as it meets the needs of buyers scouting for gated communities with the safety of their families in mind.

Aside from being located in a beautiful riverside area, streets and avenues within this haven are lined with lush trees and shrubs.

Gated communities like By The Rapids Riverside offer great privacy. More than this, the lot areas are quite large, giving homeowners the quality boutique feel.

This community assures safety and security among its dwellers. This area has very low crime rate. The community is also controlled 24/7.

Proximity to Schools
By The Rapids Riverside Community is in close proximity to established private schools. Aside from this, very good public schools are also within reach.

There are three major streets within the community. Riverview Avenue, Dock Avenue, and East Avenue. A total of 42 homes is situated along these strips. There are 2 tennis courts and a modern club house.

Selling Price
Prices of each home in this luxurious gated community are approximately $800,000 and up with a floor area of 3,800 square feet.

Each home follows an open design concept. There are 4 spacious bedrooms and 5 baths. The kitchen is built with spacious kitchen island.
A home at By The Rapids Riverside Community is an excellent investment for families seeking security, proximity to schools, and a haven for loved ones.

Is Real Estate a Good Investment?

Is Real Estate a Good Investment?

In the world full of individuals looking for ways to secure their money there is a list of investment options to opt from but the question arises as to what investment option is the best one. The Investment in Real estate is one of the huge investment options and is always more beneficial in long run.

Real estate investment provides ongoing income and its value rises over time in terms of land and the property itself. When deciding to invest in investment options it requires to conduct cost and benefit analysis and as per a 2015 survey, every 1 out of 4 individuals find investment in real estate the best option. Depending on the investment strategies and their preferences between long term and short term returns investment in real estate marks top three on investment options followed by bonds and stocks.

Although investing in real estate might be the best option but it is not an easy one. Being a property owner requires a lot of effort, it’s not just the investment of money that the property needs, maintaining a property needs an investment of time, patience, and the real hard work. The benefit of investing in real estate is convinced by the fact that people now want to secure their wealth by investing in safe investment options thus they are opting for properties even without an experience in the field.

According to another survey which was conducted to inquire ‘which investment options are the safest and the reason behind it?’ the conclusion was held that people find investing in properties a much safer option of securing their wealth due to the investment’s’ tangible nature; what one can see is more secure option to spend money on than what is intangible. The survey also proved that real estate investment is also a more stable option in terms of the price fluctuation thus the money invested has a high return on potential.

Moreover, there is no investment option that is risk-free and when it comes to real estate the problem with investing in it is that you cannot sell it in short notices like stocks. Whereas the cost of maintaining a property is high; the profit goes in paying insurance and property taxes. Even then when compared with other investment options the real estate investment is the most preferred option for the long term benefit and security of wealth.

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